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How are you? Everybody.

I am happy to have this opportunity to introduce to you the World Special Federation (W.S.F.), our non-profit organization. One of our goals is for people with physical disabilities to lead a happy life. We do this by utilizing the most suitable and rational program that would enhance their quality of life. For example, through basketball and other various sports, we can train their mind and body, as well as prevent diseases. We also furnish them with common sense, general information on health. Through such promising and progressive programs, I would expect them to feel better about themselves and lead a fulfilling life.

To our members. You are an important part of our community. You bring such joy into our lives. I hope our services will help you take advantage of all the opportunities that life has to offer. To our volunteers and donors. Thank you for providing your valuable time and generous donations. Since we offer our services at no cost it makes your contributions so much more indispensible. W.S.F. cannot exist without you. Finally, to our visitors. Thank you for visiting our website. Please take a look around to find out who we are and what we are about. Whether as a member, or as a volunteer, or as a donor, I hope that you will decide to join us in our effort to improve our world. Thank you very much!


Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti with WSF President John Kim   WSF President John Kim interviewed by TV news reporter.
WSF President John Kim teaches self defense to people with physical disabiities.   WSF President John Kim helps pass out food to the less fortunate.
LAPD Police Chief Michel Moore with WSF President John Kim.   WSF President John Kim plays Santa.
Former First Lady and United States Senator Hillary Clinton with WSF President John Kim.   United States Representative for California's 43rd Congressional District Maxine Waters with WSF President John Kim.