World Special Federation (WSF), in partnership with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Southeast Community Police Station, visit schools around Los Angeles where a police officer teaches Kindergarten and First Grade students about bicycle safety.
  • There are too many bicycle accidents involving young children. We hope to lower that.
  • We make it fun by providing students with coloring books, crayons, using bicycles & props, such as a "STOP" sign, and having a coloring contest. And they receive a special certificate too!
  • We believe children will remember what they learn from a police officer, someone who is a role model and an authority figure who they respect and look up to. It will also reinforce and validate what their parents and teachers taught them. And what a thrill it is for them to be able to say they personally met a police officer.
  • Students are more likely to retain what they learn at a special assembly; one that takes place outside of their regular classroom routine.
Each student receives a bicycle safety coloring book that is full of advice on how to safely ride a bicycle.
If you would like to have us visit your school in the Los Angeles area, please have a school official contact us.

This program is offered at no cost to schools.

We use real bicycles to teach safety rules.

Always wear a helmet.

Students receive a bicycle safety coloring book, crayons, and WOW!, an awards certificate.

A trusted authority figure teaches students about bicycle safety.